• Velan


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    VELAN INC is an Independent Valve Manufacturer based in Canada with 12 production plants around the world.

    • All Kind of Gate, Globe, Check, Butterfly and Ball valves.
    • API 6A Ball Valve, Choke Valve and HIPPS Valves.
    • Coker Valves for refineries.

    ValvoSpain Group

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    ValvoSpain Group is the largest Valve Manufacturer in Spain. Appreciate of high quality valves, they are our partner in:

    • All type of Gate, Globe and Check Valves
    • All type of Ball Valves
    • All type of Special Valves for Water and Water Treatment
  • Sferova

    Sferova is a leading Ball Valve manufacturer in Italy with more than 35 years of experience. We appreciate their powerful present in our portfolio.

    • All type of Gate, Globe and Check Valves
    • All type of Ball Valves
    • Special Valve on request such as Choke valve
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    ABC Compressor

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    Since its foundation in 1943, ABC has provided the most reliable compressors for different  applications. Its global orientation and the commitment for growthwas shown from its early exports in the 50’s to its latest geographical expansion, having delivered compressors in more than 120 countries.

    • Oil and Gas application
    • Petrochemical application
    • Food industries
    • Waste Treatment & Biogas
    • Industrial gas
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