German Manufacturers to


German Manufacturers to Cooperate in Post-Sanctions Iran Oil, Gas Industry

German companies from the state of Bavaria are interested in supplying Iran with the equipment used in the oil and gas industry in the post-sanctions era, Deputy Petroleum Minister for International Affairs Amir-Hossein Zamani-Nia said.


“Siemens, for example, as one of the major Bavaria-based firms wants to cooperate with Iran,” he told Shana after a meeting with the visiting Deputy Minister-President of Bavaria and Minister for Economic Affairs, Media, Energy and Technology Ilse Aigner here on Sunday.

The Bavarian delegation, he added, was also interested in scientific and training cooperation and is due to hold talks with the Petroleum University of Technology and the Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI).

Aigner said the German firms including Bavarian companies will not miss the opportunity to resume their ties with Iran as soon as the sanctions are lifted.
“We are after restarting the relations between Iranian and Bavarian companies and will do our utmost in this regard,” she said.
Aigner, who is heading a 130-member delegation of German business people and corporate managers, added that during her visit the capacities of Bavaria industries will be introduced to their Iranian counterparts.
“To this end, the Bavarian state’s trade office will open in Tehran during the visit,” the German official said, “Some 50 percent of the accompanying delegation members have had relations with Iran.”

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