About us

Globodyn Corporation

Engineering and Procurement Company

Globodyn Corporation is a well known Engineering and Procurement Company established in 2005.
During its short life, Globodyn Corporation has been involved in major projects in Oil , Gas, Petrochemical and Power Plants.

Globodyn Corporation along with qualified engineers specializes in selecting the highest standard equipment available in the Oil and Gas field industries, making procurement services favorable and at reasonable rates to the client/end user. Globodyn Corporation can supply A-Z in each project and aim to meet the Clients requirements based on their needs.

Our Goal

We strive to provide a package of procurement for different type of materials in “Bulk Piping and Valves” as well as "Compressors"to our clients.

The combination of world class manufacturers and a wide packages of product line gives us an advantage in the market, but more importantly, provides our customer with the benefits in prices.

What We can

do for you



With a proven track record of offering end-to-end engineering solutions, we offer key in across the value chain from create to validate to build and support, making it a unique one-stop solutions provider.



The purchasing element is difficult to manage in most organizations and often warrant the usage of multiple service and contract types. We provide market intelligence capabilities to support procurement function and increase effectiveness.



Our controlling method through assessment and analysis, tight management of multiple modes and oversight carrier, and complete visibility of every step in you shipment, all linked to provide the first-rate performance to gain results.


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